Jesse Michael Boring, my son of 17 years, will forever be in our hearts and souls. He will forever be watching out for all of us through our good times and bad times. All we have to do is think of him with Love in our heart and if we are open to the possibilities, he will make his presence known. For he is now in the kingdom of Heaven and has the power of the Lord at his fingertips to help us throughout our lives. There is so much to say about this young man that it would take countless pages and countless hours to describe his essence. If you truly knew him, you know what I mean. This page will be a brief description of his life and the memories we shared with him. These will be added to and updated as the days go on.

I remember the day that Jesse was brought into this world. I was but a young man myself and his mother and I were living in the Bay Area of California. Jesse was born in the city of Hayward in Northern California on February 1, 1992. Looking back, we were not ready at all to care for and raise a child. But these things happen and he was a blessing from day one. He had such spirit and personality.

Jesse spent most of his life in Northern California between Hayward, San Leandro, Modesto and San Ramon. He used to come visit the mountains of Colorado when I , his Father, moved to this beautiful area of the country to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. He quickly fell in love with nature and the wilderness. He loved to camp, fish and snowboard among other outdoor activities. When he moved up to being a teenager, he of course loved to CHILL with his friends. Jesse was loved by all who came in contact with him and always was ready to help in any situation.

He came to reside in Woodland Park, Colorado with his Father in the Fall of 2007. He excelled in computers and was studying to become a web designer and graphic artist. Like all kids, he was very curious of all that the world had to offer and spent a lot of time contemplating the Universe, the world we live in and of course the ultimate question of "Why am I here?"

Jesse has 4 other siblings. Three sisters on his Fathers side, Michaela, Alexa and Gabrielle who is with him in Heaven, and a little brother on his Mother's side, Gino. He will definitely be watching out and guiding his siblings as they learn and grow in this world.

This is just a short summary of Jesse Boring and his life here with us. More will be added as the days go on as there are so many great memories and stories to be remembered and told.

Proud Father and Best Friend,
Michael Boring


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